Monuments of Bologna

Due Torri
True symbol of the city, the two Towers dominate a crossing of five roads, ognuna di.le which lead to a door of the ancient ones wall

The Tower Garisenda

Taken the name from the family of the Garisendi, than made it to raise. Arrived to 61 meters, the tower began to tilt itself for a yielding of the ground below and the jobs were interrupted. Dante Alighieri, then student of right near the University of Bologna, remained hit very from the inclination of the tower, which it dedicated some backs of the Divine Commedia, than can be read affected one lapide to the feet of the Garisenda. For emergency reasons, between the 1351 and 1360 Giovanni from Oleggio, that it governed the city in name of the Visconti, it made to shorten of 13 meters the tower, than today it is high 48,16 meters. Its slope is of 3,22 meters towards Saint way Vitale.

Le Torri

Tower of the ASINELLI

the Tower of the Asinelli, highest of the city, was constructed in the first years of XII the century. It is high 97,20 meters and it is wide 8 meters, while to the base, for the presence dela salenite shoe of, has one width of approximately 9 meters. Slanted E' of 2,23 meters in direction of via Rizzoli and this contributes to the characteristic aspect of the two towers, in how much the Garisenda is tilted from the opposite part

Fontana di Nettuno
La fontana del NETTUNO

To the center of the public square of Neptune, of forehead to the income of the Palace of King Enzo, erge in all its beauty Fontana of Neptune, than the From Bologna ones they call the Giant; in effects, the statue in bronze of the marine God is high 3,20 meters and hung 22 quintals. In 1563, Pope Pio IV said order to raise great Fontana and Tommaso Laureti (that he was then a painter) was person in charge of the execution of the work. Made the plans, the artist chose for the realization of the statue the scultore fiammingo Jean de Boulogne, Giambologna saying, than then she worked to Florence for the Doctors. For the sum of thousand shield of gold, the artist fiammingo accepted to realize the scultoree parts of Fontana, that she was completed in 1566.


La chiesa di S. Petronio
San Petronio
The church of S. Petronio In 1390, under the guide of Antonio di Vincenzo, architect planner, had beginning for order of the Common one, that it wanted to make of the basilica of the city, the jobs for the construction of the Church of S. Petronioportale principale. The church, defined the latest monument of the Gotico in Italy and Europe, was built up in the side south of Greater Public square, on an obtained area buying and demolishing eight buildings between churches, houses and towers. The jobs went rather to rilento and the inside was finished alone in 1515. Forty years after the marmoreo covering of the facade was begun, on design of Domenico from Varignana, and in 1659, after the construction of the times of the navata one they centers, the jobs were interrupted and they have not been more resumed until the days nostri;la facade is remained incompiuta. Although incompiuta, the basilica is fifth of the world for dimensions: long 132 meters, wide 58 meters, high 45 meters in the inside and 51 meters in the facade, can contain 28,000 persons. The main portale of the church (in the photo under) is a capolavoro of Jacopo of the Oak, than it worked to you for dodoci years (from 1426), decorating with 15 history of the Old one and the New Testament and with the magnificent scultoreo group of the Vergine with the Child, S. Petronio and S. Ambrogio (this last one, executed from the Varignana).

Santuario della Madonna di S. Luca

Santuario S.LucaSanctuary of the Madonna di S. Luca the sanctuary guards, to the altar greater, celeberrimo the picture of the Vergine with the Childaltare (in the photo low), called the Madonna di S. Luca, in how much traditionally attributed to the apostoloLuca, transported to Bisanzio from some Asian locality to the times of the arabee invasions ended to Bologna for channels ignoti. In effects draft of a painting probably not front bizantina to XII the century, already in possession of two children, Azolina and Bice, daughters of Rambertino, than in the 1160 made to raise on the Hill of the Guard a small eremo, in order to guard the venerata image all the important monuments of Bologna is not situates to you in the historical center. It is the case of the Sanctuary of the Madonna di S. Luca, than city is found outside, on the Hill of the Guard

L' Ateneo più antico del mondo occidentale.

ALMA MATER the more ancient Athenaeum of the western world. Palace Hills, constructed in 1549 on plan of Tibaldi Pilgrim. Quadro di GIOTTO
In 1711 it was acquired from the from Bologna Senate and, three years after, divenne center of Sciences. From the 1803 university it left the Palace of the Archiginnasio and one moved in Palace Hills.
The courtyard of Palace Hills remembers that one of Farnese Palace to Rome; to the center troneggia the statue of Ercole, Piò Angel.

It knows it of reading of the Library, operates of Scholarly Carl Francisco, inaugurated in 1756..

Pinacoteca Nazionale

Quadro di RAFFAELLOFù Situated National Pinacoteca in what the Covento di S. Ignazio, already of the Jesuits, place to n. the 56 of via of the Fine Arts. It was constituted to first of the 1800's, in order to save the many works of art of the ecclesiastical agencies soppressi from the French. In the photos, two Quadro di RAFFAELLObetween the setting up works more.

L' "Estasi di S. Cecilia" realizzata fra
il 1515 e 1518 da RAFFAELLO per
la Chiesa di S. Giovanni in Monte.

Il polittico di GIOTTO (firmato "Opus Magistri locti de Florentia").



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